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Lois here! And in trouble as usual!

"I Sustain the Wings" - Superman #25

Historical note: This is the only Superman story credited as being written by the Man of Steel’s longtime editor Mort Weisinger. It also is the only Superman story credited as having art by classic Golden Age cover artist Fred Ray!


Coming at you

Fleischer cartoons promo - World's Finest Comics #7

This ad from back cover of WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941) #7 was published two weeks after the eighth Fleischer Studios Superman short. The ad is notable not only for being the first full-page ad to promote the cartoons, but also because it is the first to list titles of individual cartoons. Only “Electric Earthquake” and “Volcano” had been released at the time of the ad’s publication. (No short titled “Twin Trouble” was released. It is unknown to me what that title was referencing.) The Superman image in the ad is from the Fred Ray-drawn cover to ACTION COMICS (1938) #52.

In movies – newspapers – radio

Other media promo - Action Comics #51

By 1942, Superman was making waves in virtually every media of the time — a newspaper serial running seven days a week, a growing-in-popularity radio show and and the animated shorts in theaters. This ad from ACTION COMICS (1938) #51 makes note of all three and uses the Fred Ray-drawn cover from SUPERMAN (1939) #18 to not let readers forget where the Man of Steel came from — no, not Krypton, but the four-color world of comic books!