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… thought we might work this one out together!

"5 Drowned Men" - All-Star Comics #36


I’ll be seeing you on the screen …

Fleischer cartoons promo - All-Star Comics #8

This ad from ALL-STAR COMICS (1940) #8 was published one day short of a month after the release of the first Fleischer Studios Superman cartoon. The Superman image is recycled from the cover of the 1940 issue of WORLD’ S FAIR COMICS. “Superman’s secret message” was a recurring feature of the Supermen of America page featured in most issues of ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN at this time. However, despite claiming to use Code Mars as its deciphering key, the code doesn’t appear to match up to any of of the nine key codes on the Supermen of America decoder card.

We couldn’t let you down, Johnny!

($1,000,000 for War Orphans) - All-Star Comics #7

This story marks not only the Superman’s first appearance in a non-Superman story (and the first appearance by the Man of Steel in a comic book or newspaper tale not written by co-creator Jerry Siegel), but it is his first time in-story standing shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow heroes, including the Dark Knight himself, the Batman! Follow along with the Caped Crusader’s lead-up to this historic moment at The Daily Batman!