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I’m out!

"The Man Who Bossed Superman" - Superman #51

<a href=>Exit, Jerry Siegel</a> — enter, Curt Swan! The man who penciled more Superman-related stories than anyone has his first outing with the Man of Steel here.


(‘–and a glass jaw!–‘)

"The Seventh Wonder of the World" - World's Finest Comics #32

This marks Jerry Siegel’s final story for DC Comics until his return to the company more than a decade later in 1959. He and Joe Shuster were fired after filing a lawsuit over the rights to their creations, Superman and Superboy. This issue also has the distinction of being the <i>only</i> issue of WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941) during the pre-team-up era that does not lead off with the Superman feature. Instead, here, Batman is promoted to the lead spot, with the Man of Steel filling the Dark Knight’s usual role in closing out the book.