Now to play elephant boy!

(Superman's Ark) - Action Comics #45

Historical note: The day after this issue’s release, Fleischer Studios, maker of the Superman theatrical cartoons that had started less than three months earlier, released “Nix on the Hypnotrix,” a Popeye short that paid homage to the Man of Steel.

Written by Bill Turner and Carl Howard and running about 7 minute, the short finds Popeye eating his spinach before donning a cape and an “S” on his chest and soaring through the air to save a hypnotized Lois Lane.

Super-Popeye from "Nix on the Hypnotrix"

The short also pays homage to the now-iconic “punching laser” scene from the first Fleischer Superman short as Popeye uses his spinach-fueled fists to fend off the villain’s hypnotic bolts.


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