Now he’s the greatest star on the screen!

Fleischer cartoons promo - Action Comics #42

As The Daily Superman continues its comic book journey with Superman, we’ll be taking the occasional “commercial break” to feature a selection of comics ads showcasing Superman’s exploits in other media. Advertisements for the long-running radio serial will be featured as part of the Super-Hearing project, but we will showcase ads for other incarnations of the Man of Steel off of the four-colored printed page.

Superman leaped from the medium that birthed him in a big way in 1941 with the debut of the first of a series cartoon shorts released by Paramount Pictures and produced by Fleischer Studios (later Famous Studios). This ad, from ACTION COMICS (1938) #42, which was released just three ads prior to the first short, boldly proclaims Superman’s big screen debut. The art used in the ad is original, and while the artist is unknown, it likely was done by Leo Nowak or other then-current members of the Shuster Studio.


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