… a startling invention …

(The Preston Gambling Racket) - Action Comics #32


2 thoughts on “… a startling invention …

  1. Kaiser The Great

    I like when Superman is a genius, in addition to being a powerhouse. Seems like whenever they want to taper back his powers for a reboot, his intelligence is the first thing to go. Interesting this laboratory. First and only mention?

    1. michaelbradley Post author

      There was a newspaper story in 1939 (reprinted in SUPERMAN #2) that revealed Superman had a spare apartment that he kept “for emergencies.” But there was no indication it was anything that a normal apartment, and other than that, this is the only mention of a special workspace or home base (other than Clark’s apartment, obviously) until the Secret Citadel is introduced in 1942. And even that makes just a few appearances.


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